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FG amends NBC code for local content

Lai Mohammed

Federal government will amend the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC)
Code to compel brands to sponsor Nigeria Professional Football League
(NPFL) and other local legacies, according to Lai Mohammed, minister of
Information and Culture.

Mohammed, said “We will amend the NBC code to ensure that our Premier
League improves. We will make sure that in the Code, if you spend one
million dollars to support a foreign football club like Manchester
United in Nigeria, you will not be allowed to air that programme unless
you spend 30 per cent of that money to promote Nigeria’s league.

He also clarified an earlier statement credited to him on the
amendment to NBC Code to discourage production of Nigerian movies and
music abroad. “Some beverage companies in Nigeria support Manchester
United (Man U), Arsenal and others and spend about six million dollars a
year,’’ he said. 
“I then asked the question, how much of their products are being
consumed over there? “I was also told that a particular brand of Nigeria
Beer is supporting several premier league teams to the tune of seven
million dollars a year.

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“We can imagine if they give us just 30 per cent of that, we will fix
our stadia. “I know they are going to attack me on this but I am not
made a minister to sustain the economy of other countries.’’

He said the government could no longer tolerate the situation where
people continue to develop the economy of other parts of the world from
the sweat of Nigerians and at the expense of Nigerian economy.

The minister also clarified an earlier statement credited to him on
the amendment to NBC Code to discourage production of Nigerian movies
and music abroad. “At that meeting, I said that I will work to amend the
NBC code to ensure that if a product is designated a Nigerian product;
it must be produced in Nigeria. “I didn’t say that henceforth, all music
and films will be produced in Nigeria.
“All I said was that if a programme is designated as a Nigerian
content programme, we will amend the code to ensure that it is produced
in Nigeria,’’ he said.He added that if the law says that a programme
shall have 60 per cent Nigerian content, the producer could not go ahead
to shoot such outside the country for Nigerian viewers.

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“Of course, they will come and say that you do not have
infrastructure and that is why they went outside to shoot. “I asked if
it is not the same programme you went to shoot outside Nigeria because
we have epileptic power that you will bring back to show to us in

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