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How Much Money Do Apple, Google &Microsoft Others Earn Every Second?

Everyone recognizes the tech giant Apple always at a prominent position in the technology market and an ability to develop and present new products on a recurring basis. The Cupertino tech giant company fans, you will feel proud to know that the tech giant Apple was the most valuable brand in the world for the past few years.

After having already been at the top of the list of major companies, the tech giant Apple was once again voted as the most profitable company on the planet, according to the Fortune Global 500 list.

The tech giant Apple is, for quite some time, one of the leading companies in the field of technology. Their products are true sales successes, which is positively reflected in the company’s profit.

The Cupertino tech giant company, Apple has been on the Fortune Global 500 list for a number of years, always having a prominent position and near the top of that list. Grouping the 500 largest technology companies, the Fortune Global 500 can bring together the most influential companies in the various areas, grouping them by many factors.

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A recent study, based on public information and accessible to all, came to show how much the tech giant Apple and other leading tech giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft manages to earn every second that passes. However, according to the recent study, the tech giant Apple is on the top of the list, as it is very high value and it breaks with all the competition, in the most diverse areas.

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It was based on the annual liquid results of the main companies of the Fortune 500 ranking that the company TitleMax created a study where it reveals how much these companies charge every second that passes. The values are enormous and reveal a reality that many might think, but that was only now quantified.

Dominating this list we have the tech giant Apple, with every second that passes the tech giant gets 1,444.76 dollars profit. This value almost doubles the second qualified, JP Morgan Chase, which gets a value of 782.14 dollars.

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The leader of the Fortune 500, Walmart, is much lower on the list, getting $431.43 per second, in front of the giant Intel, which receives $326.22 per second.

Above Apple, we find its main rivals. Alphabet, the parent company of Google, ranks 27th on the Fortune 500 list, earning $615.96 per second. While the tech giant Microsoft is further down, getting $531.21 per second.

It is not uncommon for this result of the tech giant Apple, as it is preparing to be the first company to operate a valuation of one trillion dollars, which places it in a place of prominence in the industry.

The tech giant Microsoft also hopes to achieve that valorization but knows that it will take longer than Apple. Analysts predict that it will be in 2021 when the tech giant Microsoft will manage to reach that value.

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