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How to download Netflix shows and movies on Android and iOS

How to download Netflix shows and movies on Android and iOS

Today, on this topic, I will teach you how to download Netflix shows and movies on Android and iOS.

Netflix is an American media services provider headquartered in Los Gatos, California
How to download Netflix shows and movies on Android and iOS
Netflix enables you to download some of its best TV shows and movies offline.

All you need is an active Netflix account, an up-to-date Android or iOS phone and an internet connection.

So here’s our guide to downloading your favourite Netflix titles – including a work around for the shows and films not included in the official download programme.

Smart Downloads, announced in July and coming to Android imminently and iOS later in 2018, will automatically delete an episode you’ve watched and download the next one, making watching your favourite series offline so much easier.

Not everything is available to download, and circumventing this restriction isn’t legal.

If you are planning to download any shows, the file sizes are going to be quite large – we recommend doing this over WiFi, so you don’t eat up all your data.

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How to download Netflix shows and movies on Android and iOS

  • First, we need to update (or download) Netflix. To do this, open the App Store, tap Updates, and tap Update next to Netflix. Once your Netflix app has the latest update installed, open the app.
  • When you first open the app after updating Netflix, you’ll likely see the screenshot below informing you of the new offline watching feature. You can tap Find something to download or dismiss it.
  • However, the typical way you’ll access downloadable Netflix content is by tapping the Menu icon in the upper left corner that looks like three horizontal lines.
    From the menu, tap Available for Download.
  • Find a show or movie you want to download for offline viewing. Tap on it.
  • Look for the download button. Tap the download button to download a full movie. You’ll need to download each individual episode of a series.
  • Where to Find Your Netflix Downloads

  • Once your show or movie has downloaded, open the main Menu up again and tap My Downloads. Your list of downloads is easily accessible from here.
  • Tap on the show or movie you have downloaded to watch it offline.
  • Storage
    To view and manage your downloaded shows, visit the App Settings and look for the Downloads section.

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    There you can see just how much space your Netflix apps are taking up on your device.

    The only limitation to the amount of storage Netflix will use is the amount of storage your phone has.

    In other words, if you have a 128GB phone, you can use as much of that as you want to store shows you normally binge-watch.

    For those Android users who have a device with microSD support, Netflix now allows you to store shows on external storage.

    In the Netflix app go to App Settings > Download Location. Select your SD Card, then press the back button.


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