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Microsoft Launcher Receives Big Update with Better user experience

The Microsoft launcher app has just received a new update with some newly added features and general improvements.

The latest update comes with Home App Grid, which allows you to create a grid with up to 12 columns and 12 rows. You will also be able to move apps and widgets to half of the grid cells.

Migrating from other launchers and devices to Microsoft launcher is now a lot more easier as you can now import the layout from another launcher, or even restore a Microsoft Launcher backup.

The launcher design has also gone through some makeover. Changes have been made to the fonts used for apps and folders, while the shape and look of folders on Home has been changed.

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Also, the dock should now support more than 5 apps and a search bar can be placed down to default.

The latest update is currently available for download on the Google Play Store. You can search for it on the Google Play Store.

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