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YouTube Go App Hits 10 Million Downloads on Google Play Store within 3 Months

The stable version of YouTube Go was released in September of this year after testing the beta version of the App for about a year. Although the App’s stable version has been on the Google Play Store for about three months now, it’s still not available worldwide as you can only download it in few countries.

Even with the limited availability, the YouTube Go app has managed to cross over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store within the period of just 3 months. For those who don’t know what YouTube Go is, it’s the lighter version of the popular YouTube app which basically let’s you watch your favourite YouTube videos with limited data or even with slow network connection.

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With the YouTube Go app, you can choose which video to watch and which one to download. There is also a preview option which lets you preview a particular video before you watch it and also an option to select how many MB you want to use to watch videos on YouTube.

The app is available for download on PlayStore, and as I said earlier, it’s only available in some selected countries.

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